How to Expand your E-commerce brand in the Philippines

As a proudly-local Philippines fulfillment center, we firmly believe in the business potential for global business expansion towards south Asia and specifically the Philippines. We previously discussed why your business should expand to the Philippines, now that you’ve learned how profitable it can be to reach out to this large, discerning market, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Here is a short guide on how to expand your e-commerce brand in the Philippines.

How to expand your e-commerce brand in the Philippines

Do your market research

First on our list is to do your market research. You may have done this in the past when you first started your business in your current location but entering a new location requires new market research. We already know that the Philippines has over 100 million potential customers and is a cash-based economy. While this could be enough to spark your desire to expand your business to the Philippines, it’s best to know more about the market to ascertain product ↔ market compatibility. Conducting market research can help you with this.

There are several ways to conduct market research in a different country. You could collect data from online resources, network with Filipino communities, or hire a market research team to give you the data that you need. Since your business is done online, the data that you need is not that difficult to obtain compared to opening a physical store in the Philippines. Nonetheless you have to find out the preferences and habits of your target audience, what is trending in your industry and might be attractive to your potential Filiphino customer, what influences your market to buy a product. All that to the aim of creating a solid business strategy. Overall, it’s good not to be overzealous and just jump into the unknown. It’s best to be knowledgeable about the new location to ensure a successful endeavor.

Set up digital marketing channels

After becoming well-informed with your new market, the next step is to establish your digital marketing channels. It’s important to set up your digital marketing channels where you can run a marketing campaign or create ads targeted to Filipinos to create leads and sales. This is a great way to let Filipinos know that you are now catering to their country. 

There are several effective digital marketing channels you can use to implement your marketing campaign, including websites, email, social media, organic and paid search, and mobile. Since you already have an e-commerce website, these digital channels are easy to develop and connect with each other. One digital marketing channel that usually works well to many of our customers is social media. Social media marketing helps you reach and engage with your potential customers by creating appealing content to a carefully selected target audience . A tool that significantly helps and can be readily utilised are paid social media ads. Facebook Ads for instance, allows you to choose an audience, their demographics, and set a budget for a certain timeline. It’s flexible enough to let your experiment which audience responds more to your ads and yields to a sale.

Here is an additional fact: Majority of Filipinos speak and understand English. This is an advantage since there is no need to translate your ads. Just make sure that your copy is engaging and understandable while incorporating commonly used local keywords that would strike their interest.

Consider E-commerce Fulfillment Companies

Warehousing and distribution centers have truly evolved with the emerging demands of e-commerce. Nowadays, these centers are not merely just places of storage, but have developed into an integral part of the supply chain. Global sourcing and consumer demands are one of the major reasons for the rise of this new class of logistics and distribution properties since consumer behavior dictates that purchasing the product isn’t enough; it should be delivered on time and must be fulfilled in a particular way. This is where E-commerce Fulfillment companies are applied and utilised.

Fulfillment centers enable e-commerce business to outsource warehousing of inventories, picking and packing items, and delivering these to customers. Whereas in traditional warehousing, items are stored in warehouses and are commonly used as pick up points for customers. 

Benefits of using Fulfillment companies:

  1. Strategically stored inventory
  2. Outsourced Picking and Packing of items
  3. Hassle-free delivery
  4. Remittance

Partner with a trusted local fulfillment company

With the back end in place, the next step is to partner with a trusted local fulfillment company to implement your business in the Philippines. Thank goodness there is OTTO – your e-commerce fulfillment partner in the Philippines!

OTTO is an end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment solution for world wide merchants. This is perfect for e-commerce brands who would like to expand internationally without the need to set up local presence. So, how does it work?

First, simply link your e-commerce website to the OTTO platform. OTTO offers plugins for e-commerce websites such as Shopify and WooCommerce, and plans to go further and offer many more integrations. If your business is utilizing these e-commerce websites, this is truly advantageous! 

Second, once your customer checks out, our services start to work! We assist in importing your products to the Philippines, pick, pack, and deliver your products to your customers! Lastly, we collect your payments and remit the money to your account. What sets OTTO apart is that it offers a Cash on Delivery Solution since 93% of Filipinos opt to pay through this method. It’s that easy! Selling to the Philippines has never been this easy thanks to OTTO.

Expanding your e-commerce business in this day and age is not as far fetched as it used to be. With the technology that we have today and trustworthy local companies to partner with, a scalable business and bigger returns are definitely on its way! 

Expanding your business to the Philippines? OTTO can help you. Send us an email at and our sales team will happily assist you.