Basta E-Commerce, Madali: Philippine Govt.’s 2022 e-Commerce Roadmap

“Basta E-Commerce, Madali” is the latest stance the Philippines government has taken to initiate strategies, policies, and other measures to harness the full potential of e-Commerce to benefit the country. Driving the roadmap is the confidence that the Philippines is primed for an e-Commerce revolution.   Power of a name The government refers to “Basta

Size of Southeast Asia (SEA) eCommerce Market & its Potential

Looking to expand your eCommerce reach in a new territory and have stumbled upon Southeast Asia? Then you are on the right track. Here’s why. Facts of the matter eCommerce gross merchandise value (GMV) in SEA has grown nearly 80% annuallyover the past few years, generating $120 billion in 2021. This growth places theterritory among

China’s military action in major shipping route threatens global supply chain

Since Covid, businesses dependent on a smooth running global supplychain have learned the domino effect that a crisis can have. The recenttensions between China and Taiwan are the latest. The air and seasaround the self-ruled island are crucial for smooth economic trade,including for the Philippines and others in the ASEAN union. What’s at stake? Chinese

Post-COVID Consumer Spending in the PH

In 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic struck countries worldwide. Even after two years, the Philippines continues to experience uncertainty and turbulence due to new outbreaks of Covid variants. The pandemic significantly changed consumer behavior and spending. Companies are now going head-to-head as they navigate this new landscape and try to impact their bottom line. Manifestations of

Philippines social commerce market set to boom

The time consumers, especially the younger generations, spend onsocial networking platforms is transforming social commerce into a fast-growing trend in the Philippines. Talking numbers Consumers are flocking to social media sites to discover and buy products. As aresult, they are propelling social commerce so much that it is gaining ground onbrick-and-mortar retailers and traditional e-commerce

Is a fulfillment center important for your e-Commerce business?

Fulfillment services are gaining popularity these days, as more and more companies move towards e-commerce platforms because of the physical restrictions brought by the pandemic. As an e-commerce business tries to scale its operations and attempts to serve more customers, operational issues such as preparing and shipping volumes of orders are becoming more daunting to

Reasons towards accepting cash on delivery (COD)

For a long time, cash has been the most preferred method of payment for ecommerce transactions in the Philippines. In these pandemic-driven times, because of fear of transmitting the virus through physical cash, people are ideally forced to use online payment options for their purchases. The reality is that, however, cash on delivery (or more

How to adjust your e-commerce business in developing countries

Since the beginning of the global community lockdowns in 2020, e-commerce has become one of the key channels for people to purchase goods and services, both essential and non-essential. It revealed to the world how much untapped potential this sector still has as an industry. With no clear end in sight for the pandemic, the

Warehouses vs. Fulfillment centers, and how to choose the right one

To set the record straight, there is a whole world of difference between a warehouse and a fulfillment center. This is especially true depending on where a business is standing in its growth cycle. Warehouses and fulfillment centers have been used interchangeably especially in the field of logistics, So let’s dive into the difference of

How to Expand your E-commerce brand in the Philippines

As a proudly-local Philippines fulfillment center, we firmly believe in the business potential for global business expansion towards south Asia and specifically the Philippines. We previously discussed why your business should expand to the Philippines, now that you’ve learned how profitable it can be to reach out to this large, discerning market, it’s time to