Integrated with your favorite commerce platform

Otto aspires to provide state of the art end-to-end sales fulfillment process that keeps you focused on your business growth.
That’s why we are constantly building new ways for you to broadcast your orders in real time, and fulfill them immediately.

Favorited by many, Shopify’s superior store platform facilitates instant professionally looking shops, and offers a very capable back-office. Otto’s Shopify App enhances your Shopify based business even further with Automated fulfillment process.

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This veteran platform offers countless features via a very rich 3rd party plugin ecosystem. Woocommerce is the most common store in use to date. Otto’s Woocommerce plugin fills the gap between your online store, and your physical storage and fulfillment.

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Using Shopee / Lazada / Magento / Another commerce platform? You can still use Otto!

Otto’s system accepts orders in various other ways, making it easy for anyone to use our platform. contact us to find out more.

Integrated with last mile couriers

The last mile sometimes makes the difference between a happy customer and a failed transaction, more so when utilizing cash on delivery payments. With more and more couriers alternatives, we’re able to provide rapid and successful deliveries, reducing cost, reducing failed deliveries and returns, and maximizing your overall ROI

OTTO - Courier Integrations

How our multiple courier integrations contribute to your business success?

  • Real time tracking & reporting
  • Blazing fast pickup and delivery
  • Maximizing successful delivery rates
  • Delivery price comparison and reduction

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