Easily expand your business to the Philippines

Otto is an advanced cross-border e-commerce fulfillment network in the Philippines, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online without establishing local presence.

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Our mission statement

We provide comprehensive local fulfillment solutions for world wide merchants. Otto aims to solve all your e-commerce logistics.

As your local Philippine presence, we take care of all the logistics and leg work, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Selling your product in the philippines market has never been so easy!

Our services

Assist with importing

Importing into the Philippines can be a real headache, we ensure that potential bottlenecks are avoided through our effective communications with local authorities and years of experience.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Warehousing, drop shipping & Storage are indeed a handful – it’s making sure your product leaves in as good a shape as it came in, making sure it’s secure at all times, night and day and maintaining its high availability for blazing fast deliveries.

Managing the last mile

Logistics are a linked chain, we optimize for the best possible route for your product – with us you can control all suppliers and service providers via one system. We keep the last mile prepared, so your cash comes in faster.

Otto fulfillment services - receive pack deliver
Otto fulfillment service - collect track serve

Real time tracking

Decision making is critical for your business. Updated information is crucial for making those decisions. Don’t let blind spots damage your yield, and time to money.

Payment solution

Your gateway to cash on delivery. We combine multiple tools to overcome traditional commerce challenges such as having cash ready on delivery and optimal cash flow control. Join us and connect to a world of communication and information technologies securing cash commerce where it counts, at delivery.

Local customer service

We storm to save each and every sale by understanding the needs and desires of our customers and knowing their most troubling problems. Our technology assisted staff has common language and deep understanding of the market, ensuring sales are safe when the cash meets the delivery.